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For anyone with a food allergy or intolerance, replacing your favourite foods with something just as delicious can sometimes be tricky. The hard working volunteers behind the Food Matters website have done some of the foot work for you with taste tests and reviews here.

Home Vitamin D testing

Like all vitamins, vitamin D is essential for good health. Sunshine and oily fish are good sources, but unfortuntatley for us Brits, we don’t tend to get enough of either – and experts are worried many of us are deficient. Researchers even tested the England football team and found that most of them had low levels.
In Birmingham an enterprising NHS laboratory is selling home blood spot test kits so you can find out for yourself if you need to be topping up your vitamin D levels. This is their website – I am tempted to order one myself.

Link to NHS Choices page on vitamin D –

Link to research on vitamin D in English footballers

A Brief Guide To Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease (pronounced see-lee-ak) is a common gut disease which is treated entirely via diet through a registered dietitian.

If you hadn’t heard of it before then you might be surprised to hear that it affects 1 in 100 of us – probably more, as its thought that lots of us are walking around yet to be diagnosed.

Treatment of Coeliac Disease is complete, live-long avoidance of wheat, rye and barley – or rather the protein called gluten that they contain.  It’s not classed as an allergy or intolerance, but rather an autoimmune condition whereby eating gluten causes the lining of the small intestine to become damaged.   Continue reading “A Brief Guide To Coeliac Disease”