Allotment diary 13th June – strawberries and lots of watering!

It’s been a dry week so we’ve tried to get to the allotment and water at least daily. It’s so rewarding to be getting punnets of strawberries daily and we even picked our first raspberries today too.

The other fruit are ripening well, and all the veg are growing well – even the peas are peeking through the soil.

Lots of strawberries in punnetsRaspberries ripeningGooseberries ripeningApples ripeningBerries ripeningApples ripeningPeas shootingWatering

Allotment diary 5th June 2018 – planting, planting and more planting

Finally the allotment is full. We seem to have got the planting done so much later than in other years, due to the long and wet winter. Well summer is definitely now here and over the last few of days the following have been planted:

  • 6 celery
  • 15 celeriac (3 varieties)
  • 6 kohl rabi
  • 6 turnips
  • 6 swede
  • 7 tomatoes (3 varieties)
  • 15 sweetcorn
  • 20 runner beans (2 varieties)
  • 10 French beans
  • 1 sunflower
  • 4 courgette (3 varieties)
  • 2 cucumber (2 varieties)
  • 2 pumpkin (2 varieties)
  • 12 purple sprouting (2 varieties)
  • 3 kale
  • 2 peppers (2 varieties)
  • 1 cape gooseberry

I think I’ve missed some but that gives you a good idea.

We’ve also spent time tidying, weeding, covering crops from birds, putting down slug pellets and last but not least entertaining my little one.

Just peas to go in now – it’s looking great. And the strawberries are coming by the punnet now, and are delicious.

Picture of allotmentPicture of full allotment

Allotment diary 2nd June 2018 – digging

The last few days saw some heavy rain and then some lovely sunshine – perfect conditions for digging over the rest of the plot ready for planting.

Other than that we’ve done some general tidying, hoeing, and planted a few things – including some borage.

And the best news is that strawberry season has started. We picked a couple of small punnets of gorgeous barely ripe strawberries and it looks like we’ll have a glut on our hands before we know it – I must look out some jam recipes.


Punnet of strawberries