Allotment diary March 2018

I’m getting twitchy – it’s the start of allotment season (or at least what I consider allotment season – I’m a fair weather gardener). With the rain and snow we’ve had recently the clay soil is still sodden and we’ve got more rain and snow forecast over the weekend. So not much I can do down here just yet. As soon as it’s drier there is lots of weeding and digging to be done.

This is my 4th year of having an allotment – something that gives me great pleasure. Me and my mum have a plot the size of about a tennis court, leaving me and Mum ample room for growing plenty of fruit and veg. I’m not sure how productive the plot will be this year with an infant in tow but am planning some low maintenance crops and hoping my little one will enjoy the fresh air down here with me as much as possible! Wish me luck!