Allotment diary 30th June 2018 – jams, chutneys, lots of watering

The heatwave continues with temperatures in their high 20s every day, and barely a cloud in the sky, let alone any prospect of rain. So, the daily watering continues, filling gallon watering cans from the water troughs spotted around the allotment plot and carefully watering all the crops. Our nearest trough is a good 100 meters from our plot so the daily watering is good exercise!

The strawberry glut is over. I managed to make some traditional strawberry jam (first time making jam and it set 🙂 ), and also some quick and easy strawberry spread consisting of strawberries blended up with some chia seeds which swell up into a jelly like consistency – really nice too.

Strawberry jam

As I was on a roll with jars washed and ready I’ve made some rhubarb and date chutney, rhubarb and ginger jam and gooseberry jam too. I’m not much of a jam or chutney eater so these will probably be stored for Christmas gifts. I am making some rhubarb gin and rhubarb and ginger cordial which is much more likely to be consumed by us.

The sweet pink dessert gooseberries have ripened well and been picked and quickly eaten and the raspberries, red-currants and blackcurrants are all coming into fruit.

Pictures of plants and fruit ripening. Raspberries, currants, turnips, tomatoes.

Some of the veg are coming on well – the tomatoes are forming, turnips swelling, courgettes sprouting and beans climbing.

Pictures of plants and fruit ripening. Courgettes, green peppers

The beans are starting – I picked these French beans this morning too.

French beans