Allotment diary 2nd Aug – finally some rain

Before having an allotment I was not a fan of rain and especially not in summer but this year we’ve been longing for some! And this weekend the dry spell finally broke and we had enough rain in 3 days to fill my empty water butts. Not that you would know it at the allotment. The ground has been so dry that the soil that would normally be sticky after that much rain was dry enough to walk in the following day. And now the beautiful sunny weather is back, and the daily watering continues.

I managed to venture down after getting my little one to sleep this evening and dug up 3.5kg of potatoes – a lot less than we’d have expected from the same number of plants in wetter years but they look good! I also found a load of courgettes ready to pick, a handful of tomatoes, beans and peas, and I had just enough time left to pull up some beets, carrots and Swiss chard before it got too dark down there to work. I think I’ll be making a load more ratatouille and Briam this weekend!

Washing greens
Washing greens
Lots of courgettes