Allotment diary 26th August – enjoying the crops

The long hot spell finally broke and we’re back to typically British summer weather – warm and intermittently wet.

The allotments are bursting with produce at this time of year and we’re often having meals where all but the meat/fish/alternative component comes from our plot – very satisfying!

Our allotments have even won the best allotments in the local Moreton Show (not my one in particular but the site).

Things that we’re picking and eating at the moment include: sweetcorn, courgettes, cucumber, tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries (which have ripened much earlier than in cooler years), Chinese gooseberries, carrots, Swiss chard, beetroot, leeks, potatoes, runner beans, French beans, and a few late season strawberries.

We’ve just picked what looks like it will be the last lot of rhubarb, and we left the artichokes this year for the bees.

As well as all the picking at eating there has been lots of tidying needed – hoeing and weeding, cutting back the strawberry runners, mixing up the compost bins, cutting back the raspberry canes that are over.

A days harvest
A days harvest
Bees on artichoke
Bees on the artichokes that have been left to flower
The last of our carrots – we’re planting more seeds in the hope of more before winter.

My plot

A hazy shot of the plot
Rhubarb gin
Making more rhubarb infused gin
Corn – so easy to prepare – 2-3 minutes in the microwave in the entire husk. Cut off the bottom and pull the leaves off. Then eat!

Home grown tomatoes are particularly delicious compared to shop bought.
Pumpkins have done well this year – we have some huge ones hiding in the foliage.
Eagerly awaiting our first year of fruit from our miniature pear tree


Our solitary sunflower adds colour, attracts bees and we’ll eat the seeds!