Allotment diary 15th September 2018 – harvest time

This is a great time of year to have an allotment. It has been time to harvest the pumpkin – that have ripened quicker than in previous years due to our hot summer. They will cure in the greenhouse and be stored for Halloween carving. A car boot full of pumpkins

A car boot full of pumpkins

We pulled up all the tomatoes this weekend. Some of the fruit are still green but will ripen quickly on the window sill. Freeing up the area will let us get on with digging over the plot ready for winter. Also gone are most of the sweetcorn, some of the beans, our Chinese gooseberry and the artichokes.

Kitchen table covered in produce

The onions have been disappointing this year but have been lifted and left out to cure for a few days. Onions on Earth

The apples and pears have been harvested. The trees are 3 years old and it has been exciting to taste these for the first time this

year. We only had about 6 pears and maybe 20 apples but they are delicious. Each tree has 3 different varieties – but only two varieties of apple fruited, and one of pear. The trees have been pruned to maintain a fan like shape – they’re only designed to grow to about 6 foot.

Golden delicious
Golden delicious

Pruned trees

Some of the crops that are still producing at the moment include raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, leeks, runner and green beans, Swiss chard, Kohl rabi, leek, rhubarb, and courgette. Last week we discovered a few courgettes accidentally left to become marrows. The largest was 2.5kg! Some of the things we made from these include some marrow and ginger jam (which I’ve never tried before but apparently has a beautiful lemon-marmalade flavour), and Spanish spicy stuffed courgettes (delicious).



The last few raspberries

Jars of marrow jamStuffed marrow

In the meantime we’ve filled up our two council-bought compost bins and have been grateful for the communal allotment compost heap. I think we took down 4 barrow-fulls in one afternoon.

Wheelbarrow full of waste

Still to come on the plot are the brassicas, horseradish, celeriac, swede, Jerusalem artichokes, peppers and more.