Allotment diary 14th July: berries and currants and squashes

The longest heatwave in English history continues – and it feels like months since we had any rain. The daily watering continues: I worked out that I put 22 cans of water on each time I go down there – about 250 litres, scooped out of the provided troughs. Water trough

All of our crops are progressing well. The raspberries are yielding a small punnet or two a day, our carrots are sweet and crunchy, the spinach and Swiss Chard are delicately bitter. Our courgettes and cucumbers have just started to fruit. This was today’s harvest.

Squashes, cucumber and carrots growingHarvestRedcurrants

For the first year we successfully protected our currant bushes from the birds that in previous years strip them as soon as they are ripe within minutes – literally! We though we had one red and one black currant bush are we’re wondering if one set would turn from red to black -no it seems they are both redcurrants! So we have a delicious 1.7kg to decide what to do with.

I cooked one of my favourite courgette dishes today for lunch – Zarangollo Murciano – a sort of scrambled courgette and egg, that I first tasted at a street market when visiting my Murciano friend in south east Spain where the dish originates -its more delicious that you can imagine from the description. I’m looking forward to also making, eating and freezing some delicious ratatouille, and Briam and also some courgette chutney to keep up with our courgette glut.