10 things you’re unlikely to hear a dietitian saying

Dietitians are a small but varied profession – the gold standard of nutrition professionals. We work in many different specialities but are usually united by similar philosophies around food and health messages. Here are 10 thinks you’re unlikely to hear us saying!

  1. Never eat…      

    Eating well is not about black and white rules – it’s all shades of grey (unless there’s a good medical reason – like a severe allergy – to avoid something)

  2. Lose 10lb in 10 days on this diet

    Rapid weight loss is not recommended, is rarely achievable and usually not sustainable or healthy!

  3. Choose from these food treats…  

    ‘Treats’ add emotional weight onto food that is unhelpful in our world of plenty!

  4. Limit these food sins…  

    See above -best not to see food as a treat, punishment, sin or reward – keeping food neutral is key to avoiding emotional eating

  5. I stock these wonderful vitamin supplements / juices / protein powders – and can give you a great price.  

    As health and care professions council (HCPC) registered professionals we have a code of conduct – of which one standard is; “you must make sure that any promotional activities you are involved in are accurate and are not likely to mislead.” Most of us interpret this as not promoting any one product over another unless there is clear reason. And we promote real whole food first – over supplements – unless there is a need for them.

  6. The best brand of margarine / cereals…  

    See above. We can help you weigh up the different optionsagainst your health needs but there aren’t many cases when one products stands out as ‘the best’

  7. The superfoods I recommend are …  

    Superfood is a great marketting term for food sellers but is pretty meaningless. All food is super!

  8. The philosophy I recommend for all is… clean eating / real foods / paleo/ low carb / [other popular diet]

    I like to think of us dietitians as the ‘secular’ or neutral and sensible voice in a sea of popular nutrition ‘philosophies’. No one diet fits all – there are a range of eating patterns which promote health but many that are too extreme to be sustainable and enjoyable.

  9. These are the foods I see as bad / fake / unclean / forbidden / toxic.

    Eek! None of these terms have any business describing food. There are no good or bad foods – it’s all about finding balance!

  10. To detox ….

    Another marketting concept. Detox diets are nonsense – your body has its own detox systems which aren’t particularly affected by juices or fasts or supplements.