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Hello and welcome. I’m Zoe Connor, a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant and expert in advising on all sorts of diet-related issues.

My approach:

I take a compassionate approach, encouraging responsive feeding, body size acceptance, and respect for different parenting choices. I believe that nutrition is key for health and eating is one of life’s great pleasures.  Many people lose this pleasure through stressful feeding problems, I aim to help you get it back.

I have a particular interests in autism, infant nutrition, neurodisability, cerebral palsy, behavioural feeding problems and intuitive eating.

My current work:

I am currently splitting my time between developing resources for parents of children who are fussy eaters at stressfreemealtimes.org, lecturing, writing up my research, various national committees and bringing up my family.  I hope to reopen my clinics in the next couple of years as childcare costs allow.

My services for parents:

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  • Sorry I am not holding any clinics or workshops at the moment – I am not planning on restarting these till 2020 or later

My services for dietitians and professionals:


Additionally check out my blog pages for lots of information on different nutrition problems and signposting to useful products and resources, as well as my allotment diary.