About nutritionnutrition

nutritionnutrition.com was set up by Zoe Connor in 2006 to share credible nutrition and dietary tips and news with health professionals, journalists, or anyone interested in their own health.

nutritionnutrition.com made some of Zoe’s dietary information sheets and advice free for all.  It included content on autism and diet, constipation, faddy eating, diet and behaviour and more.

As Zoe started to move from the NHS to private practice, she incorporated nutritionnutrition, and started to provide some paid-for content on the website.

nutritionnutrition ltd is registered with Companies House in England and Wales. (no. 6962873)  Zoe Connor is the sole director.

Both nutritionnutrition and Zoe Connor are registered with the Information Controller in the UK in line with data protection laws.

If you are looking for some of the original content of nutritionnutrition.com and don’t find it on our publications page, please contact zoe on zoe@zoeconnor.co.uk