Healthy living information sheets for fieldworkers in Indonesia

Me on a field visit in Flores 2006
Me on a field visit in Flores 2006

In 2006 and 2007 I spent 9 months in Indonesia as a nutrition advisor for VSO.  I spent most of this time attached to a local agency in Ruteng, Flores – Yayasan Ayo Indonesia – who were committed to improving health, roads, water access and agriculture in local villages.  I produced three leaflets as an aid for field workers – links below.  The other document is a summary of nutrition and health issues in the area.  Many thanks go to my good friends Jeanie Vianey and Kuss Madi for helping to translate.  I have no plans to update these leaflets – but have posted them here so they can be of help to anyone working in a similar field!

Dietary help with constipation

I put together this information about using diet to help with constipation – as it is something dietitians spend a lot of their time advising on, and something which affects a lot of people.  I hope you find it useful!  I wrote it for my old website in 2008 but the information still holds. Click below for an instant email containing the free “Dietary help with constipation” pdf file.

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