Allotment diary March 2018

I’m getting twitchy – it’s the start of allotment season (or at least what I consider allotment season – I’m a fair weather gardener). With the rain and snow we’ve had recently the clay soil is still sodden and we’ve got more rain and snow forecast over the weekend. So not much I can do down here just yet. As soon as it’s drier there is lots of weeding and digging to be done.

This is my 4th year of having an allotment – something that gives me great pleasure. Me and my mum have a plot the size of about a tennis court, leaving me and Mum ample room for growing plenty of fruit and veg. I’m not sure how productive the plot will be this year with an infant in tow but am planning some low maintenance crops and hoping my little one will enjoy the fresh air down here with me as much as possible! Wish me luck!

Volunteering in a refugee camp in Greece – please help me raise money

tent in refugee camp

According to the UNHCR a staggering 65.3 million people around the world are displaced from their homes (see the infographic below). 150 of these arrive in Greece a day – 164, 000 so far this year – people like you and me – but who have decided that their lives were more at risk by staying put than by making dangerous journeys of thousands of miles by land and sea. Continue reading “Volunteering in a refugee camp in Greece – please help me raise money”

Notes from the Treating Autism conference 2016

Last weekend I attended my second Treating Autism event. Treating Autism is a parent-led charity which arranges large education events for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They seem to have an alternative nutrition and alternative therapy leaning but this year’s line up caught my eye as it included some respected published researchers and medics. Here are some of the key messages I got from attending day 2 of this conference.  Continue reading “Notes from the Treating Autism conference 2016”

10 things to know if you’re thinking of training to be a dietitian

Wondering what to do after your A-levels? Thinking of a career change? Have you thought about training to be a dietitian (or nutritionist)?

This week is Dietitians Weeks and I’ve been posting about what dietitians do and why I love being a dietitian. I’ve been involved in training students for most of my 15 year career as a dietitian- in NHS posts and now as a lecturer. Here are 10 things that might help you decide whether this is the career route for you. I’ve tried to be brutally honest about what training involves so you can make an informed choice!  Continue reading “10 things to know if you’re thinking of training to be a dietitian”

10 reasons to love being a dietitian ❤️

I’ve been a registered dietitian since 2001 and I would be lying if I said I’ve loved every aspect of every job I’ve done – (today I’m only just getting home from my NHS post 3 hours later than planned due to catching up on piles of paperwork 😁) – but there are many reasons I’m thankful for finding dietetics!

In honour of dietitians week and in no particular order – here are 10 things I truly love about being a dietitian.  Continue reading “10 reasons to love being a dietitian ❤️”