Baby Led Weaning Workshops

From six months most babies are able to feed themselves.  Baby led weaning (BLW) capitalises on this  – encouraging self-feeding right from the start of the introduction of solids.  I believe that baby led weaning will help your baby to have a great relationship with food, with less risk of becoming a fussy eater, and even better its fun and frees you up to enjoy food alongside your baby.

Based on materials developed over many years by Canadian dietitian and infant nutrition expert Jessica Coll, in my baby led weaning workshops you will get a wealth of practical ideas and watch videos of babies taking their first bites of whole foods.

My baby led weaning workshops are held in Stratford-upon-Avon, Banbury, Evesham, and Leamington Spa, convenient for you if you are in South Warwickshire, North Oxfordshire, North Gloucestershire or Worcestershire.  They are for 5-10 parents and babies are welcome too. You will get ample time to ask me questions about baby led weaning.

Dates coming soon!

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